We are a leading health and safety company that supplies large workplaces, factories and individual clients with protective and hygienic products, as well as advertising gadgets.

We have a professional sewing room, we make prints and embroidery, we sew high-visibility, rainproof, construction and non-flammable clothing, as well as service and wash work clothes and work gloves. We have experience in delivering and servicing vending machines in production plants.

An offer for you and your company

We distribute workwear and protective clothing (resistant to flames, sparks, cuts, punctures, abrasions, punctures, tears, ESD), footwear (protecting against weather, thermal and chemical agents, as well as grease and oil), work gloves (anti-cut, anti-electrostatic, acid-resistant, latex, nitrile, polyurethane-coated, welding, meda of goatskin and cowskin), equipment to protect the face, eyes, hearing and airways such as protective goggles (with filters, anti-splash, non-fogging, for work with lasers), helmets, cap-helmets, welding visors, anti-noise inserts, earmuffs and ear protectors, filter masks (anti-dust, medical, anti-gas masks for work with toxins etc.), climbing harnesses, ropes and accessories for work at heights. We also offer different types of knee pads, specialist shoe inserts, chin straps for helmets, caps, reflective waistcoats, braces and many many more.

WEDA in numbers



2 years

of business cooperation
in the market

Our trusted brands include: 3M, Hogert, Honeywell, Delta Plus, Industrial Starter, Portwest, PPO, Procera, Uvex, Artra, Mercator, Base, Lahti Pro, Protect, Bennon and more.

We also recommend visiting our stationary shop, where we regularly conduct promotional and sale campaigns.



Professional cleaners, disinfectants, toilet paper, pastes and liquids for cleaning heavily soiled hands, dust-free & low-dust paper, cotton cleaning cloths, brushes, mops and other equipment for cleaning and hygiene.

We supply fire extinguishers, sorbents, first aid kits, thermometers, pulse oximeters and information boards (also custom-made) at attractive prices.

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